We specialize in residential plumbing and heating repairs, fixing leaking faucets, toilets & drains. A typical day can be repairing a leaking pipe in a wall, roughing in a new bath, replacing a well pump, repairng a furnace, or even replacing a toilet. Typical classifications of jobs fall into: no heat, no water, no hot water, or water not draining. We stock many common repair parts on our trucks so most times we can make the fix without going to the supply house. Watertight uses the most modern tools to make the repairs which join pipes much faster and with more reliable, lead-free joints.


  • Appliance Installations


  • Drain Line Cleaning & Repair


  • Emergency Plumbing Repair


  • Gas Piping & Gas Repair


  • General Plumbing Repair


  • Leak Detection & Repair


  • Sewer Cleaning & Repairs


  • Water Filtration Systems & Water Softeners


  • Water Heater Installation & Repair


  • Winterizing vacation homes: Includes draining all water from distribution piping, adding antifreeze to hydronic heating systems. Heat can be turned off for the winter to save fuel.



Having all your fuel-burning appliances cleaned and inspected annually is very important for both your safety and your pocket book. Soot builds up in oil burning equipment and needs to be removed every year, while certain components of the fuel delivery system and burner need to be replaced annually as well. Vent pipes and chimney that serve these fuel-burning appliances also need to be inspected. Finally, the components that contain water must be inspected and replaced as needed. If they aren't you could be looking at unsafe conditions for you and your family or a costly repair. We've seen holes burned through a boiler base due to age and lack of preventative maintenance.  Flue gas was deadly with CO reading of 1000ppm.



Watertight can perform a video inspection of your drain pipes, taking the guess work out of a problem and saving you time and money. We have a video camera specifically made to travel down the drain line and transmit a color video back to a monitor, the video can be recorded for review at a later time and can be sent to the owner of the building if he or she is off site. 

This technology is used in conjunction with drain cleaning equipment and pipe locating equipment. Once a blocked line is cleared of water by the drain cleaning tools, the camera is used to inspect the pipe from the house out to the sewer or septic tank to inspect for the cause of the blockage. Many times it's root intrusion, a sag or snag in the pipe where solids can accumulate, or a broken pipe and if a defect is present a transmitter in the camera is turned on and the locater is used to locate it, a position and depth is given and all the guess work is taken out where to dig and how far down to dig.



You should be aware of all the possible sources of contamination. Your water travels through hundreds of miles of pipe to get to you. Think of where your water comes from and what it has to travel through to get to your glass. Town water in Rhinebeck comes from the Hudson River. "I would filter that before I consumed it".

At a minimum, filtration removes dirt and rust, which affect the water's taste. But it's what you can't necessarily see or taste that is more worrisome. You could be drinking lead, bacteria, chemicals and chlorine along with your water. Filtration will also catch these contaminants.

Bottled water, which is actually regulated less than the water coming out of your faucet, is also a lot more costly than the filtered variety and since doctor's suggest you drink 5 to 8 glasses a day, it adds up. A gallon of pure, clean filtered water costs 14 cents. Try and get a gallon of bottled water for that price.



Why should I care about whether my water is soft or hard and what's the difference anyway? Hard water has a lot of dissolved solids in it and can taste "off" as a result. Hard water can also stain your bathroom fixtures. Soft water, on the other hand, allows soap, dishwashers and washing machines to work better, meaning you have a cleaner you, cleaner dishes and cleaner clothes. Hot water coils, those things that heat your house's water, won't clog with soft water, meaning longer equipment life and less repair costs.



We understand that many people cannot carry 50 pound bags of salt in to the basement to refill the brine tank. We can do that for you. We will also clean out the brine tank annually for you. Please call us to schedule your salt delivery.



For those folks with their own well

For those of you not getting your water from a town or city there are some special considerations. Your well tank may have a ruptured bladder and you might not even know it. Some symptoms include a short cycling pump, or even your lights blinking or dimming. That's caused by your pump drawing a lot of amps when it starts up. 

Other problems include:

A lack of water pressure or wildly fluctuating water pressure. Both of these issues can be easily be remedied by adjusting the tank pressure to correspond with the pressure settings on the pressure switch serving the well pump.

Intermittent water, which means water stops coming out of the faucet and then minutes or hours later comes back on. This is a blocked pipe serving the pressure switch. 

Other issues can be related to the electrical components serving the well pump, which Watertight can also handle. We have the experience to quickly repair seemingly big problems.

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