Should I have my gas boiler cleaned annually?

Yes. The National Gas code requires that every gas burning appliance be inspected and cleaned annually by a qualified service technician.

Does watertight Plumbing & Heating offer service contracts?

No. Service contracts are insurance policies. Watertight believes you shouldn't pay for work that is not performed. The safest course of action is to actually have your gas boiler cleaned, inspected and tested by a Licensed Master Plumber such as Watertight Plumbing. Preventative maintenance is the most economical and convenient way to care for your boiler, It's also the smartest way to protect you and your family or any tenants you may have. You save money by fixing small problems before they become big. You're never inconvenienced because you set the time and date for service before the boiler breaks.


What type of boiler service does Watertight offer?

We offer a service that protects your health, minimizes breakdowns, and is the most cost effective way to maintain your boiler. Our program is called The Watertight Annual Preventative Maintenance Program.

When you enroll your boiler in the program you take the first step to ensuring your system is operating safely and efficiently.  You are also getting a jump on any repair that might have caused an inconvenient and costly breakdown.


What are The advantages to preventative maintenance?

  • A Licensed plumber is the most qualified person to service your boiler.

  • You pay for only the work that is needed to keep your boiler working trouble free.

  • It's cheaper to fix a small problem or prevent problems in the first place.

  • With preventative maintenance you schedule it at your convenience, rather than dropping everything if an emergency problem arises.

  • I prefer to fix an unsafe condition such as spillage, improper combustion, malfunctioning control, or rotted flue pipe, before someone becomes ill. When Watertight services the boiler, chances are that it will provide 100% trouble free service during the heating season. Keep in mind that Watertight will actually test every component of the system. If we see excessive wear or corrosion we provide you with a quote immediately . (As always Watertight provides a price BEFORE work is performed.)


What does a preventative maintenance service call cost?

The cost to clean, inspect and test your gas boiler is $175 plus local and state tax. If any parts are found to be defective during the inspection and testing, you will be given a quote immediately. You'll know you cost prior to any work being performed. This is standard procedure, it's called "upfront pricing."


What if my boiler breaks down after a preventative maintenance call?

All work performed during a preventative maintenance call is guaranteed for one year.  If a part breaks on the boiler that was not repaired or replaced you will receive a 10% discount on the repair.  If the boiler cracks or leaks you will receive a $100.00 discount on the cost of a new boiler.


What if my boiler is very old?

Boilers can last 40-50 years if they are properly cleaned and serviced every year. The advantage of upgrading is the money you'll save on fuel, the comfort you'll feel, and the peace of mind you'll have due to increased safety. New boilers heat up more quickly, which results in faster heat to the radiator. New boilers have safety switches that old boilers lack.


How do I schedule a preventative maintenance service call?

Please call 845-758-6319

Does my hot water heater need service?

Yes. Your heater, like any gas burning appliance, should be inspected, cleaned and tested annually. Watertight performs a thorough inspection, cleaning and testing your gas hot water heater.

What is the cost for a hot water heater preventative maintenance service call?

If you schedule your hot water heater service along with your boiler service you receive an immediate 20% discount, which brings your cost down to $65.00 plus tax. If you have electric heat and a separate gas water heater or you schedule two separate service calls your cost would be $81.25.


My heater is leaking. What do I do?

You should shut the water and the gas off to the unit. Give Watertight a call and we will inspect the heater to confirm the source of the leak. If the heater is leaking Watertight will arrange a replacement if it is still under warranty. If not you will be provided with a quote immediately. Watertight installs lifetime stainless steel hot water heaters that provide up to five times the hot water as a conventional gas direct fired heat unit. They never leak, and cost less to operate. These heaters work in conjunction with your hot water or steam boiler.


What can I do to make my boiler safer?

You can have Watertight Plumbing & Heating, Inc. install two very important safety valves: a roll-out switch and a spill switch. A roll-out switch will shut the gas off if the flue passages get clogged, while a spill switch shuts the gas off if the chimney gets clogged. These safety features prevent boiler exhaust from coming into the house. They’re inexpensive and can be installed when you have your Preventative Boiler Service.


How do I prevent boiler water from mixing with my drinking water?

Call Watertight Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and we'll install a backflow valve on the water supply to the boiler. Watertight Plumbing is certified by the New York State Board of Health to install and test these valves. We protect your health.

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